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A few random things...

Jefe: I'm suddenly very hungry.
Me: There's sandwich stuff in the kitchen. Make one.
Jefe: No, I can wait, I'm just starving.
Bri gets up, heads for the kitchen.
Jefe: I can wait. (He repeats, progressively louder).
Bri: I'm making one for me.
Jefe: Oh, while you're making one for you, can you make me one too?
I fall over laughing.

Watching Daredevil. The Kingpin says "You wouldn't understand". Jefe: "Because you're my little white butt-bitch, boy."

Last night was Dash being cute day...
It's 7:10 AM, I've had four hours of sleep, and we're going to church. The air conditioner flaked out last night; I think we need to clean the ductwork. *yawns*

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