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I'm Jean Valjean!

(No, really.) Some people may see me as a little sanctimonious, but though I care deeply about doing right, I'm not above a little skulduggery in a good cause. Being in touch with my spiritual side doesn't make me an easy target... on the contrary, in fact.

Which Les Miserables Character Are You?

And Snackin' Jesus. I have to admit, he does look like he's getting a Snickers or something.

Today is a frustrating day. I'm feeling very sociable, I have only a few days of vacation, and I have to spend them at home, alone, and nobody seems to be interested in making any plans to do anything. Is very sad, and I find myself wishing I were back on the south end, so I could just go drop in on Bri or hang out with dad. I'm almost to the point of going to the mall just for some social interaction.
I should go anyway, pick up .hack//sign and daredevil and spend some more money. Get a blank tape to tape the Fox special tonight. But first I think I'll eat, and organise the tupperware, which seems to be spreading into other cabinets despite my requests.

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