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Nobody wears a white coat any more...
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
Today, I am a link-whore...
Even in nature, jocks don't always come out on top...
I particularly like the note that virgin quail females picked the winners, but those with some sexual experience tended to choose the losers.

The Vatican, surprise surprise, is encouraging its lawmakers to fight gay marriage legislation.

And the new wave of privacy questions: What about spying on your spouse online? Me, I just roleplay. And Angel reads over my shoulder half the time.

In health news: a new gel that may prevent the spread of HIV, and possibly genital herpes and chlamydia too. The biggest benefit: it puts control in the hands of the woman if she chooses.

And a new makeover show...Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on the Bravo network. In which gay men teach straight men to be stylish and socially adept. I have got to see if we have Bravo, especially since the Traditional Values Coalition wants it off the air...
While there is some stereotyping at work in "Queer Eye," Collins emphasizes that each of the style mavens -- dubbed the "fab five" -- stands on their professional credentials and not their sexual orientation.
"We were very specific about the fact that just because you're gay doesn't give you style, taste and class," Collins said. "Just because you get your gay card doesn't mean you know how to arrange flowers."
The pros include food and wine connoisseur Ted Allen, co-author of Esquire magazine's "Things a Man Should Know" column, and Thom Filicia, named by House Beautiful magazine as one of America's top designers. Culture maven Jai Rodriguez, "grooming guru" Kyan Douglas and fashion sage Carson Kressley round out the advisory board.

So, the word is out that American teenagers are smoking less, drinking less, having fewer babies, and getting fatter....

And the strangest name yet: Goveg.com.

One for piyaneeyan: A preschool for deaf and hearing kids that teaches entirely in sign; no spoken accompaniment.

And one for Mom, who doesn't read my cuts: The No Child Left Behind Act - federal standards imposed on schools without corresponding federal funding. How Bush.

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