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And some business items:

Firstly, a note welcoming luka01, reignofjade, and sy5temfire to the ranks. I think I know where you all found my journal, so I'm not disturbed for once. There was someone else who added me a while back, but I don't remember who you were, so I apologise.

Secondly, kudos to anyone who can tell me where the icon on this post and the two previous is from, just for a random anime quiz.

Thirdly. Roleplayers: This week is movie night, and we're having it at our place. Plan to arrive for RP between 9 and 9:30 if at all possible, so that the youth will have cleared out, but we'll still have time to RP. We will be feeding the youth, and thus will have only the usual fridge-leftovers or eating on your own to provide for your culinary needs.
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