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Ideas that disturb me.

Careful, my liberalism is showing.
A constitutional amendment to make marriage a union between one male and one female. Never mind that marriage as a legal institution is not the same as marriage as a religious institution, or you wouldn't have to sign the paperwork. Never mind that it's discriminatory and unlawful to refuse a contract based on the gender of the signers, and that legally marriage should be just that - a contract of financial and legal responsibility. Dubya has an agenda.

And the new Patriot Act. Mostly because it seems to be a behemoth bill of all of the pet projects to allow the government to run unrestrained by public interference, no matter what sort of climate we're in.

Mrowr. I need to take a shower, do something today, and get to Curves at 3 when it opens again, so I can be ready to go to Choirchimes tonight.
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