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Home from the ER, and as I lay me down to sleep, I have a few things to mention from tonight. It wasn't busy, nor was it overly interesting. Chest and abdominal pain.
Dr. H compared me favourably to a first-year resident. Iwona and I both, he said.
Taking twenty-five aspirin will probably not kill you, but it will make you miserable. I hope SJBH will be helpful to you.
Drinking ten to twelve beers a day, every day is a drinking problem. Congratulations to you, sir, for admitting that, and an ovation for saying you need help. Again, I hope SJBH will be able to help you.
"Three medium to large drinks" does not give you a BAC of 0.250 two hours after you came into the ER. I hope you have the courage to admit to your problem some day.
If you ride with your feet on the dashboard of an SUV, be ready for some nasty leg pain when the airbag goes off.
When your husband-to-be tells you that if the 350-lb scuba tank starts to fall, get out of the way, listen to him. Then we won't have to give you enough morphine to knock out a horse just so the orthopod can put your wrist back together.

The organ harvest has been done on the little boy. His father arrived in time. Lungs and heart were unusable, but his kidneys and liver will go to help keep some other child alive. Paramedics never saw a car seat, but mother swears he was in one, and since the semi hit about where he was sitting...

Thank you for listening - thank you for caring. Good night, O Best Beloved.

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