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Well, that's encouraging...

Stopped by campus to check my mailbox, since it's on the way from French Lick and I knew our Family Practise exam results were going to be in. Raw score: 71. Mean is 74.1, high of 81, low of 66. I'm pretty sure that a passing score in FP was either 60 or 70%, and I know it wasn't any higher than that, so I'm content to have passed. Good enough, although I wanted to at least make the mean. Maybe I should've studied more. Would it have helped?
Part of me is screaming and sobbing that I should stop being so bloody content with mediocrity. But the rest of me shrugs its shoulders. I just don't want to sacrifice my life to get high scores.
Also in: my OSCE results. There I'm in no danger. Only one score below the mean, with a z-score of -0.53 (Someone with recent stats want to remind me how z-scores are calculated?), that being the one where I know I got some of the post-encounter questions wrong; the rest above the mean, z-scores between +0.08 and +1.27. Final overall score: +0.43. That's good enough for me - I'm beating the mean there.
Ad in my box for a new kind of penlight, wondering what it's all about, and whether any penlight is worth $30. Also a book on Managing Contraception, someone must've given it to one of the groups I'm a member of. And finally, and most wonderfully, I have the P-notes for fall loans. I love fall loans. So it was a worthwhile endeavour to stop here at campus, even if I was completely bewildered by the free parking on Sundays. (At least I think that if you can't get a ticket, and the gate is up, you get in free...)

Evening shift tonight, overnight from 7 to 3 or 8 to 4, depending on when I go. Afternoon shift from 3-11 tomorrow, and then 8-4 on Tuesday, and that ends my FP rotation.

I start next Monday the 4th of August in Indy, and will apparently be down there until the 13th, when I come back for two weeks in Fort Wayne. Things are starting to get weird

RP group:I will attempt to work out RP issues, and I do plan on getting you all through the campaign by the time my schedule becomes impossible. We may have some late or skipped weekends, depending on what I have to do.

Business completed here, I am on my way to get lunch, then back to Fort Wayne and the dysfunctional cablemodem. I'll see you when I see you, all. Whenever the damn thing works.
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