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Once upon a midnight dreary...

Killed the afternoon playing Morrowind and relaxing. Dressed up all pretty and went to the banquet. Spent my reception time talking to the president of the IAFP from this last year, spent my banquet time talking to the residents from St. Francis, and being probably more honest than I should've been. They were nice about it, though. Came back and Arcana was down, so I sent Angel home to fix the connection.
Part of me wonders if this isn't the suck-ass new cable modem we got when the last one got devoured by the lightning strike. It's slow as everloving fuck right now, and I know it's not my end, because all my other MOOs are working fine. It's 12 AM. I think I should probably go to bed, but I'm not all that tired yet. Perhaps packing is in order, so I can come back to the room, pick up my bags, and head out after the directors' meeting tomorrow.
I asked a bellhop today how much one should tip. He said, he looks at it as whatever you can afford, but that he thought it was very thoughtful of me to ask. I wish I knew how it all worked, but I don't know what order things happen in. Do I pull my car up, then get the bellhop, then check out? Do I check out, then get the bellhop? I think I'll just bloody carry my own bags. I'm a big girl. It'll only be two trips, even with all the convention loot.
12:54 AM: Am now packed, about 99% of the way. Cable modem seems to be varying its bandwidth between tiny and 0, and Angel called to say he was going to bed. So I think I will follow him, curl up with my Grumpy Bear in my bed full of rained-down sparkles from my dress tonight, and wake up bright and early to go to the directors' meeting and Take Notes. I have to e-mail Andy and Mandy about what's going on. So goodnight, O Best Beloved, and sweet dreams be yours.

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