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Long live the Internet, indeed.

Try the word Quiz! I'm almost ashamed to admit that I missed one. :(

This morning sometime I turned my DNS back to automatic, like I thought I had after spending twenty minutes on the phone with a support tech yesterday. Part of that was giving myself a static IP to see if I could even be seen on their system. No seeing. Turned the DNS to automatic and then suddenly, without any warning, I had an IP address.
Opened IE. No page. Damndamndamn. Flash of inspiration: I went to the gateway by IP address and got a page that told me my authenticating server was down, and I could go ahead and use the Internet. A few moments later, I got the authenticating server. So now, on the last day, I have 'net access finally.

Yesterday, O Best Beloved, I did make it up for breakfast with the Residents, and had rather a nice time, all things considered. Heard about how nice St. Francis was. Met the fourth student who was here, and determined that she didn't want to be a delegate, so we had a little chat after breakfast and then stopped by the registration booth. Now I have two ribbons to wear on my nametag: a blue one with white letters that says STUDENT and a purple one with gold letters that says DIRECTOR, and I'm the director of the 14th district for the next year, because Mandy can only serve one term and I'm older than Andy is. So Andy's the alternate director, and I'm the director, and Mandy's a delegate, and we went and got all the ribbons, yay!
Then after breakfast, since it was too late to go hear Dr. Feldman who sponsored our breakfast speak after all the beribboning and all, I went to the exhibit hall. And I walked around until I had been to all of the booths and collected everything that the drug reps had to throw at me. And I carried my four bags of stuff back to the room, and I sorted it all. I have a lot of nice pens, including some from Clarian down in Indy that light up when you play with them. I have a whole box of cheap pens. I have coffee mugs, three or four, I think, and a clock, and some squeezy-thingies, and a laser pointer and a Sanford Guide of my Very Own, and I had an all-around good time. And then I came back to the room and I exhausted another tech support person about the silly Internet not working, which is when I got the static IP and never switched my DNS back, I think, before going to lunch. Lunch was on dyslipidemia and how awful it is to have bad cholesterol and how much worse it is to also have diabetes. And all the drugs that people should be on. And I need to get my fasting glucose and my lipids checked. Hmm. But some doctors sat at the table with Andy and I, so it went all right.
Then I went back and I slept for two hours, rather than going out to listen to the doctors tell stories. I should've listened to the stories, but I was so tired. Went to congress, stood up and announced our official positions, and voted on all the issues. Went back to the room and played Morrowind for an hour before putting a brick on the sneak key and going to the All-Member Party, which involved a whole bunch of inflatable games, some pretty darn good music from a live band, and a buffet line. Got to meet Mandy's baby and husband (in that order) and take home with me a fiber-optic flashlight like the kind I used to get at the circus. And I threw kids at an inflatable velcro wall for a while, because apparently they didn't really need the students to work at all. They just wanted us to come.
And then I went back, put on my suit, and alternated between splashing around in the twin pools and soaking in the hot tub for a while. It's been a long time since I've gotten to do that. Left when the hot tub got full of late-teens/early-twenties who all seemed to know each other, came back to the room, talked to Angel, played a little more Morrowind, and went to bed.

Got up late this morning - I've missed two of the lectures I thought about going to, but I decided somewhere along the line that I really needed the chance to catch up my sleep - got dressed, and am now about to head out to see a lecture on Perinatal Implications of Modern Infertility to make sure I at least saw one lecture at this entire conference. I'm such a bum. It's not that I don't want to learn, it's more that I just want a chance to relax for a bit, and this is (despite the agonising loneliness of missing Angel) really a good place to just relax, sleep, and let my mind drift.
I feel good, O Best Beloved, at peace with the things I've seen in the preceding week. I feel eerily like I'm in Morrowind, where you have to sleep and rest and reflect on what you've learned in order to level. Perhaps, now, I am a level two or three Medical Student? In any case, I'm going to head to lecture now, then to a Memorial Luncheon, then toy with going to see Willy Wonka in the afternoon. Or I might come back here and look for Angel, who of course is absent when I finally get access.

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