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Don't go in until 8 PM tonight, so I slept until 11:30. Pondering whether to go to Curves today or just go do all my other errands, like going to the City-County building and waving my Defensive Driving certificate in their faces, returning my library belongings, and...oh, wait, that's about it.
Pondering playing Morrowind if the game will run on the TV-out. Pondering calling my dad to see what he says about the backed-up drains in the kitchen (should we call a plumber or the warranty people?).

Speaking of Curves...yesterday was weigh-in day.
I weighed and measured when I joined in March. I then broke my arm, got lazy, and didn't do it again for several reasons until June. Because I moved my membership, I don't have access to the June measurements, but I know I gained 8.5-9.5 pounds in those two months, and an inch everywhere except my chest, where I gained two. That should compute to a fairly substantial net inch gain.
Yesterday's measurements, compared (like the June ones) to my original March ones, came out 8.5 lbs heavier, down an inch on my bust and half an inch on my abdomen, and up half an inch to an inch everywhere else. In other words: Between June and July I didn't gain anything, even accounting for different measuring styles. In fact, I may have lost a pound or so. What that represents is - if not a reversal, at least a cessation of my previous trend. This is a Good Thing.
I'll go today if I'm still out and about at 3 when they reopen from lunch. Right now, I need food, though, and some good old-fashioned video game fun.

quinby: I can e-mail you, or I can put it in a TMI-locked journal entry, because I think at least one other person would be interested in knowing. Your choice.

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