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Firstly, fluff.

I am in 80% control of my life.
Who controls yours?
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I am the
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And my journal, interpreted (see here):
I couldn't empathy and he was pregnant and strength, the uncountable reasons why take all the way when you are well he was sniffling, said? And a couple of sulking and that would like anyone who's is enough, to congratulate you. When I achieved it sounded so a lot: of comfort that it all I've got to fifteen one I thick you I weren't the air uvular angioedema, the whole new roller coasters to talk to get my Angel over her MRI up a wrestler and I'll it's the girl was a week: and a giant soft touch of a BAC camera that she was going to use the desk I deny will then she told them all of approval. Got to be around to me the Power Tower which put her story to; using all things and bought water And Sunday I felt a doctor: easier. But first, of my supervisor own heart to I choose to do the empathy right.

And a link from Piccy: The Best Blonde joke ever!

Today is a red-letter day: Not only did I learn how to do (and successfully perform) a Foley catheter insertion, but I also was put in charge of stitching up a human being for the Very First Time. I put eight stitches in his head and got the wound tightened up quite nicely, even if I did make the PA do the internal stitches for me.

More about today later (including my report from Curves), Angel got me flowers so I want to shower and be nice to him.

indurate: Not yet. Have some anatomical reservations.

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