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Oh, and.

My baby sister (Not my Chelly, the other one, who's 19) is pregnant. I discussed this at some length with a clerk who was stocking shelves in Walgreen's, where I bought water and notepads because they were on sale cheap. She was glad to have someone to talk to for a bit, I think. She sounded glad. I was glad to have a bit of time to let my muscles unclench from Curves (I had to force myself to go, but I went).
Discovered that Curves Georgetown opens at 6 M-R, so I can go early in the mornings before my shifts at the ED.

Threat rating: High. The Bush administration is
concerned that it may not get a second term.
Therefore, we are going to change the rules so
that each Democrat vote only counts as 0.2
votes because Democrat is a shorter word than

What threat to the Bush administration are you?
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What rating is your journal?

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Well, depending on whether I posted pictures of the dead pet, told the details of the story, or apologised to my neighbours and didn't tell anything, the journal went from NC-17 to R to PG-13. Whatever :P This quiz sucked :)

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