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0549 this morning: Sat bolt upright. Picked up the pager. Saw the time. Thought "Oh, I can sleep 10 more minutes before the pager alarm goes off."
0740 this morning: My phone rang, waking me up. Thank God. The exam starts at 0800.
0800 this morning: Ran into B-13, grabbed an evaluation sheet, sat down, and waited for the test to start.
0820 this morning: Exam began.
1030 this morning: Exam time period ran out. I finished the exam with 5 minutes to spare. Those of you who don't know me: this is most unusual. I rarely require more than half the allotted time for an exam. I never require the full time period.
Blusys was right: don't waste your weekend studying. It was a pick-you-up, bring-your-own holy water-based lube sort of exam, and we were left reeling. Gods, that sucked.

But it's over. And I went down to Rachel and Lindy's (and got quite thoroughly lost on the way back) and fixed Lindy's PPC. If I can get hold of Dr. House and set up my clerkship stuff today, that would be nice. In any case, tomorrow is vacation. Nothing to do. A chance to sleep in. Yay.
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