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Things to think about: - Nobody wears a white coat any more... — LiveJournal
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
Things to think about:
We drive past a store every day on the way to church. It's one of many stores we pass - but this particular one, a quilting store, has a sign out front: "Make a sewer's dream come true - Buy her a Bernina"
And every time I pass it, I misread the blasted thing and have visions of toilet bowls and lead pipes receiving gift-wrapped boxes. Whatever a Bernina is. Mom?

Wendy's .
Nice place. Worked there for a couple of years. But for some reason, Wendy's is involved in a conspiracy to ensure that I have no cheese on my cheeseburgers. In fact, it seems to be a conspiracy to ensure that I have no dairy products whatsoever. The last three times I've been to Wendy's, I have ordered the same thing - a single combo (#1) with cheese, substitute a sour cream and chive baked potato for the fries. The following:
  • Time 1: I got the potato just fine. No cheese on the cheeseburger.

  • Time 2: Forgot to tell Matt to get a potato instead of fries. He got caught up in remembering "no tomato, no onion, no mustard" and neglected to order cheese.

  • Time 3: No cheese on the cheeseburger, after I heard Matt order it and saw the guy ring it up. No butter or sour cream with the baked potato. "Chives on the side" involved enough chives to season a Thanksgiving turkey.

Am I really that picky?
We're going to Wendy's again today, on the way to drop me off at school to study. I intend to order the same thing. We'll see what happens.

now feeling:: tired tired
now hearing:: Nothing; I forgot the CD wallet

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feathered From: feathered Date: November 10th, 2002 12:57 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)
I had the same thought about the sewers before I read the rest of your paragraph there.

I always make mom or dad repeat my order at least three times, or else they never get it right. But then, I really am extremely picky.
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