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Lazy day.

Went in and talked to Mary this morning. Handout needs to be finished tonight.
Spoke with Elda this afternoon. It was...awkward. Curse my inability to make small casual talk with people I don't know, and to form a coherent interview. She's a moderately English-fluent Hispanic woman with two children and a 5-day-old baby. And I learned quite a bit. Must string it all together into a page-long paper tonight. That shouldn't be difficult.

I stopped into Dr. B's office only long enough to get directions and a piece of bread today. She said I could go home and use the time to get my presentation ready if I wanted. I was done at Elda's at 3. I took the chance to go to Curves early and then go home.

Kudos to the Lagrange McDonalds: I came through and bought fries with a $20, since I had no other cash. When I was supposed to get $18.70 back in change, the drive-through guy gave me two 5's and three 1's (and 70¢), equalling $13.70. Went inside to correct the discrepancy. They pulled his drawer to check, apologised for the wait, and gave me another fries, all the while being just as cheerful as if I weren't making extra work for them. "It's not your fault. Jesus made a mistake. We'll get him for it later." All in a cheerful and friendly tone of voice. Thanks, guys.

Pages from Angel informing me that the air conditioning will be installed tomorrow. We'll wind up paying $375 or so to have the AC unit completely replaced, since the fan motor is dead and the compressor is beginning a Shakespearean exit. Not bad, all things considered. And he's going to work from home so it's not even a personal day.

Called Angel to tell him I was going home. And stopping by Curves? Yes. Damn. I almost got away with forgetting. It's not that I don't always feel better after exercising, it's just that...well, I'm lazy.
Also, my book came today. Now I can study. But first, I think I'm going to take Angel over to the mall to get his ear pierced. Later.

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