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Today: Realised suddenly that I have to present my community project on Wednesday. Mentioned to Dr. B, who said "Well, then you'll need to go do that tomorrow morning, won't you?" This is shortly after she informed me that she'd set things up with E - the Hispanic woman who is may Family Project - for me to be at her place at 2 tomorrow. "And you can take the afternoon to do whatever you need to." Me: I'll try to make it in for as much as I can. Dr. B: It's okay, it'll take about half an hour to get to Elda's from here. Do whatever you need to. Me: I'll be in by one, at the very latest. These projects are such a waste of time. Dr. B just grins. I'll see you sometime.

Called Mary, who's the CEO (I think) of a low-income sliding-scale clinic in Fort Wayne, just donated a kidney to her husband a few months ago (a one-in-a-million lucky match), and sings alto with me in choir. When I first met her, I wasn't sure I liked her. I like her. "Mary, I'm in a panic." I explain that I was supposed to do this project where I find out about a community health care resource, and how I was told to do the one in Angola. And how Dr. B (bless her busy heart) called around and it's not even open yet, and there aren't really any around Lagrange and so now it's two days before the thing's due and would she or Dr. T (I've worked with the clinic before) be available tomorrow for me to come and ask you some questions about the clinic? Sure, she tells me. Come in about ten.

I ordered my Family Practise book on the 19th. I should've just bought the new one, but I hit the Amazon Marketplace and bought a used copy for $10 cheaper. They shipped it Media Mail on the 20th. It's supposed to take between 4 and 14 days. It's bordering on 14 days now, and the exam for the unit is the 7th. So tonight we went to Borders' and Barnes & Noble's. They don't have it. Beginning to panic. I wanted to start studying last week. The library finally came to mind; I put a hold on a different textbook and picked up the call number for another few. The library is on my way to the clinic. I will be able to study.

Wednesday is my last Didactic Day. Blusys is taking us out for dinner, to the Oyster Bar, afterwards. It'll be fun. Casting workshop, discussion of practise management, and dinner. I can't believe the month is almost over. I can't believe I'm going to have to take another exam to pass the section. I hope Dr. B was at least a little impressed by me. I can't tell.

Spent the day avoiding watching pap smears. I've seen plenty of vaginas of all shapes and sizes recently (surprised at the number of women who shave), and she had like 8 paps today. So she sent me in to the acutes to talk to them while she did paps. Which gave me a chance to hone my diagnostic skills and have some good discussion. Muchly fun. Also got to do OB checks (I'm holding the tape measure too tight) and well babies (much playing with children, and I saw eardrums!). It was a good day.

Friday I saw a patient at Dr. E's, where I spent the afternoon (quite a different practise. Better in some ways, in most I felt frustratingly disorganised and out of place. His charting is atrocious). Suffers from Cutis Verticis Gyrata, which makes it look like his brain is coming out of his skull. It even feels all squishy and soft, but there's skull underneath if you feel hard enough. Mind, the weird gyri are a good 3/4 of an inch thick. Want to see? Click here! It's very rare, and the people in Indy were all oohs and ahhs over it, so that's where he's going. There's a 4-10% incidence of malignant melanoma, and it requires plastic surgery. Fun.
Also saw lots of Amish and a dwarf baby (at two weeks, the only clue I had was the 4 lbs 6 oz weight), and almost managed a PE on a screaming child.

All in all, the last few days have been great, even if I am still sore from sleeping on a sofa bed at Potato Creek. Getting some time to sleep in (until 7:30!) tomorrow will be nice as well. And now...off to bed.

Note: Looks like, from responses, that the campaign night will be Thursday. I had to choose which player to exclude...and I wish I didn't. :(
Also Note: Quinby is invited even though she's further than 500 miles, and she'd better get her much-maligned ass back home to Indiana soon.
Also Also Note: My parents are cool enough to be invited. And does anyone know if there's a reason we couldn't take the grill to IPFW campus, and does anyone know where we could buy a real wagon? It'd be great for toting these three-foot sparklers I bought today in. (Went to the new Sam's Club, bought a 48-pack of regular sparkler boxes, a giant box of those little paper things you throw on the ground to make a bang, and about 30 big sparklers. Oh, and I saw Tiffy and invited her to the party. dragoni82, do you have plans already?)

Also Also Note Note: It's now almost midnight. Whoops. *sleeps*

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