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To everyone within about a 500-mile radius:

We're probably going to be competing with a half-dozen others, but...
I'm off Friday and so is Angel. And so are quite a few of you. So, if anyone wants to swing over to our place for the Glorious Fourth, we're going to have one of our customary come-as-you-are parties. We'll plan on being available for arrivals around...oh, let's say noonish, and we'll have something to munch on. Going to see whether it's possible to take the port-a-grill down to IPFW, stake out the same spot we did last time, and make dinner out there. Otherwise, we'll grill hamburgers and brats before we go instead.
In any case, down to IPFW (on foot, most likely; we're not far away) to stake out a spot to watch 'works, play Frisbee, go hassle the radio station hot dog stand, and go through another bazillion boxes of sparklers and miscellaneous small explosives. Watch the fireworks and come back here to do more of the same (no bottle rockets or candles this year, gang, there are too many small children around) before roleplaying or getting drunk or watching movies or any combination of the above.
As per usual, there is no set entrance fee, but you can feed the bear and bring your own beverage of choice. Small explosives are also good contributions. We have plenty of overnight crash space and all that jazz.
If anyone wants to come and needs directions, just holler!

Roleplayers: Depending on how much studying I get done during the week, we may do Campaign Night on Thursday or Saturday evening. Anyone have an opinion?
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