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Just a short drive...

Went to see "Finding Nemo" tonight. We left the family reunion early and drove down to Lafayette to find the theatre. Came back to the reunion site and picked up our cars. Left for the state park around 10. The trip started out uneventful, until we were almost there. Then Rachel missed the turn onto 4, twice. And just as Angel was going to call her and tell her this, he sees flashing lights come up behind him. we see, in our rear view mirror, and we signal Rachel to stop. We wait. We wait. And the cop pulls up behind us. David freaks out, since he's barely 16 and scared he's in trouble. The cop says "Are you looking for Potato Creek?" We get directions from him (turn around after the bridge, go back to the 5-points, turn left), and head back. We find the park and Angel takes the lead. The man at the gatehouse won't let him in, since they close at 11. Bullshit. Angel tells him we're trying to meet up with our family in Cabin 8. He says we're not getting in without a key. Tells all 3 cars to turn around and go someplace else. We call Dad B. He brings out the two cabin keys, takes himself in with one, and tells Mr. I-didn't-take-my-Metamucil-this-evening 60-year-old Security Guard that the next 3 cars are with him. This should suffice. So Matt pulls up, and Guard says "I thought I told you not to come back." Angel explains patiently. Guard shoves his stick further up his butt. We have to pay to get in. Oh, and he has no change. We finally get the cars paid for, and David and I pull up to the booth, holding our key - supposed to be the end of the line. "Pulled a fast one, didn't you?" he says as he waves us through.
Yes, sir, I did, because we all know that at 12 AM, my greatest wish is to get a cabin woken up to bring me into your State Park, and I want to be anything but straightforward about my motives. I want to sleep, that's all. Gah.
So now it's 1 bloody AM, and we finally got in. What a day.

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