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"Let's say for a moment that I am tab A..."

Discussion of the Instead feminine alternate for tampons. Michelly's friend Leah swears by them. I may have to find and try.
They say you can have sex while wearing them. Since Angel usually complains that going down on me when I'm on my period - tampon or not - tastes funny, and sex becomes a battle with the blood, this would be nice. Apparently CVS and Walgreens sell them.

In any case, in the discussion it became imperative that we discuss the orientation of female vulvar anatomy. And the following conversation took place.
Jefe: You have spare uteri in the kitchen?
Me: No, but I have sandwich bags!
I then proceeded to grab a sandwich bag, say "Imagine this is slot B" - the term we were using for our generic female partner - and then bite a hole in it. By this time we were on the floor, falling over with laughter.

Does anyone know about/have used them, besides Leah? They look interesting.

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