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Called the court. She asked how much over. I told her. $137.50, she says. Not as bad as I'd feared.
Can't get hold of my doctor to schedule a Good Girl appointment (Also known as a pap and pelvic, if you're wondering) since I'm on the last refill from my birth control pills and the staff nurse will make me schedule one if I call for a refill anyway. "Dr. A says you have to come in and see her." She's like that, lectures me all the time. And I'm going to get another scolding for not losing weight.
Speaking of which...I need to get going, if I'm going to mail Ryken's box and find Curves before 12:30.

And, moved over here from a comment in orangejunkie's journal, since I'm thinking about pelvics...
Second pap ever, Dr. A (the one who knew I wasn't having sex with anyone) wasn't in. So I got a man doctor. Don't mind a man doctor doing my pap, I'm pretty indifferent about it. But for God's sake, man, ask me if I'm sexually active before getting out the Woman Speculum just because I'm 21. It's big.

Oh, and RiteMail is cute, if only 30 days free, and they have ORANGE in their colour selector, for certain people's information.
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