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Good morning, Starshine....

And Nora, who hasn't spoken to her followers since she found her husband Ifri in the very act of making love to a mortal... It's a line from my dream, which has faded so quickly I can't remember what it's about any more. Only that I ws trying to find someone, and there was a girl with me, a girl named Caitte, with blonde hair and Mandy's face. And I remember thinking that it was a dream, and that I could control it. And then deciding that I wanted to know how it was supposed to end.
Apparently by fading into oblivion.

This morning: Mail Ryken's package to him. Call the court. Leave about 11 to find the Curves in K'ville. Bugger, I think my travel card is expired. And today is weigh-in day. Will have to go tomorrow afternoon for that, I think.

881 E. North St.
Kendallville, IN 46755

Shouldn't be hard to find, neh? But for now, I think a shower is in order.
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