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Home, James...

Arrived home without incident, after getting Arby's on the way home to assuage my starving stomach. Got home to find that the Bravissimo catalog I'd ordered from the UK (courtesy juliann's journal) got here - with its guide to swimwear and lingerie for women with big breasts. Bra is at least a size too small, and probably two - with a size-down in the back size - according to their fit guide. This jives with what I had suspected. But who wants to look for a bra in the stores around here in a 38-40FF/G or so? They don't exist. May have to order one and be ready to play catalogue roundabout.

Do I really have to order from the UK in order to get clothing that fits? Note that the Bravissimo catalogue includes mot only absolutely loads of bras in sizes D through JJ, they have little strappy tops with spaghetti straps and hidden bras in them, sports bras, and swimsuits. It's like Wonderland for the breasts. Does anyone know if there's a US equivalent? Probably not.

Dr. B called. She's out in the morning for a funeral. I don't have to be in until noon. That gives me time to mail R's cell phone back to him and sleep in too. And the metal hard case for Taika came, and it's super cool looking. It's like today is trying to make up to me for starting off so shittily.
And now...now I'm going to go cuddle up to my Angel for a bit.

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