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What a day...

OSCEs went well. So well, in fact, that I almost forgot by the time they were over that I got pulled over for speeding on the way down.

Mind: I know I speed. I stay within 15 mph of the limit, and in construction zones, usually within 3-5 mph if not at or below the limit. I don't want to hit anyone. That said, I know I speed. And I know it's illegal, and I know I can get ticketed for it, and that's the risk I take.
But when I'm just at the end of a construction zone, and it's 7:30 in the morning, and I get caught up in watching the concrete barriers scroll by and just as I think to myself, Gosh, I think I'm going too fast I see a car parked backwards on the onramp. And I hit the brakes, and I glance at my speedometer and it says 70. And then I pass him and he turns around, and I just started letting the engine brake then, waiting for him. Because the limit's 55. And he flashed his lights at me and I pulled over and he said "Good morning" and I said "I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention, but I realised I was going too fast about the time I saw you" and he asked how fast I thought I was going and I said about 70 and he told me he'd clocked me at 77. In a 55 zone. 3 miles an hour short of reckless endangerment, if I recall correctly.
So yeah, I deserve the ticket. I'm not looking forward to the >$200 it's going to cost us. Depends on if he marked it in a work zone or not. And I'm miffed beyond words that I was paying that little attention to my speed. I was practically falling asleep on the road later, until I picked up some Doritos to keep me too busy to fall asleep, so I probably shouldn't be surprised that I was zoning out, but I'm still so upset.

I was fine until I got hold of Angel. And then I just started bawling. I hate disappointing him, and it's worse when he's understanding and sympathetic.

But I got there. And I was on time. And then I was ushered to a door and stood there reading the card. JH's husband was in a head-on semi accident. You've just spoken to the neurosurgery trauma team a few minutes ago, and he meets the criteria for brain death. Go in and break the news. Well, it only goes uphill from here, right? The simulated patient (SP) was excellent, nearly had me in tears having to tell her. And she thought I did a very good job. They all thought I did a good job, although it was apparently quite clear that I was nervous.
One Bad News, one post-stroke F/U evaluation, one 42-year-old woman with arthritis, one smoking cessation counselling, and one ER patient with acute-onset chest pain. Standard scenarios. And I did pretty well, missed one or two things on each, but overall not too badly. Getting better at the polite cutoff and the focussed history.
Overheard: "First day of rotation we were informed that meals are a luxury."

Went downtown to the Verizon store. Was told to call the people. Was told by the electronic voice that I had a 10-minute hold time. Said "Forget it" and hit the web. Have submitted an e-mail to Customer Support to ask them about changing just my number and not Angel's.
Have also submitted e-mail to Tarascon Customer Support asking why my Pharmacopoeia only works if I don't update it.

Envelopes in boxes for friends, met the guy who made the spiff website for third-years. Yahoo groups have a transfer limit, it appears. Now sitting at the computer in the student lounge, taking up people's time. I should head back home. I should eat lunch. I don't like eating alone.
Does a bottle of Cherry Coke count as lunch?

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