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To lighten my day..

Ryken stirs his drink. It begins to foam over. And then...he tries to drink the foam off. Inhaling alcohol in the process. He's coughing and laughing and falling back on the couch. I laughed so hard.

Matt: It's Caine. He's supposed to kick your ass.

And the debate briefly flares up again, over who's the best James Bond.
  1. Unanimously: Sean Connery is the penultimate Bond.

  2. Our consensus is that Pierce Brosnan is the next-best...

  3. Then Roger Moore

  4. Then the others. And Timothy Dalton sucks.

And some people are trying to tell us that Roger Moore is far better than Brosnan, even though he hasn't even seen any of the Brosnan ones.

Bah. Bah, I say.
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