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Bonne anniversaire....

Sensual Seductress
You have mastered the fine art of seduction without
being overly aggressive. You realize that being
seductive is more about sensuality than sexuality and when you work your talents, you put all the other girls to shame.

How Seductive Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
Mildly disturbed.

Okay, now that I'm thinking again, I'll post the entry I thought I posted four days ago (I thought of you, Michelly, I promise I did):
Happy 21st Birthday (June 7), Chelly!

My little sister, the one who makes me the underachiever in my family, is finally 21. And, to do one more thing in my footsteps, since she's made her own imprint in France, she did it in France. And, having been duly scolded for not mentioning it on the day, I'm going to make it all sparkly now. So it may or may not sparkle, depending on connection speed.

Chelly, if you want a LJ name, I'll give you a code :) Love and kisses.

And now I have to go away, because I have to call the scary TB clinic and beg for another PPD paper.
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