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Why make life more complicated than it has to be? - Nobody wears a white coat any more... — LiveJournal
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
Why make life more complicated than it has to be?
Mom: When do you want that mailed?
Tom: (silence)
Mom: Oh, just mail them all now?
Tom: Yep.
Mom: Oh.
Sounds like me and Angel.

I've been hit with a sudden wave of tiredsleepiness and lazy exhaustion. I want to just stare at the ceiling and do nothing, or sleep, or nothing, or who-knows-what. I want my Angel. I need to plan for tomorrow, check for things like "oh, this is set in mid-winter when the campaign takes place in early summer" again. Was fun last time. Hoping auspicious beginnings do not jinx campaign.
Want to write, have no energy to. I think perhaps I will look for my quilt for lying in grass on. I acquired it at an antique stand under the bridge at the Three Rivers Festival for $7. Mom helped me re-edge it in green. I love it.

Nose is running, despite abusing it with Tylenol Allergy/Sinus and Claritin. Mom and Tom are packed, testing their bags. Time to take them to the airport and get my TB test checked. Then home. Perhaps I will get sunglasses too.

now feeling:: sleepy sleepy

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