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Oh, for a hand like D has... (subtitled: A day with the cud-chewing yeti)

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Went to Indianapolis. 2 hours down, 2.5 hours home (we left Castleton Square at 4:30, whoops) and all for a nametag so I don't have to do it Monday. However, much fun was had blithering about nothing with Lily, so it was worth it. At the moment, I don't remember all the jokes that ensued. Will try to recapitulate:

Conversation about swimming in the ocean when on one's period.
Me: I'd be more afraid about swimming in the Amazon.
Lily: Pirahnas?
Me: Yes. After all, they can skeletonise a cow in 2 minutes. It makes you wonder - is a cow the universal measurement of destruction?
Lily: I think so. Because they just look so docile. "Oh, dear, there go my legs. Hmm, this is starting to hurt."
Me: Oooh, cud! Munchmunchmunch.

We passed by...something...on the side of the road. It was large and shaggy and poking around in the grass.
Me: What..
Lily: Um...
Me: Was that a dog?
Lily: No, I think it was a baby yeti.
Me: What was it doing?
Lily: Chewing its cud?

There was more, a lot of it unbelievably racist and oh-so-funny. Trying to find a parking spot in the stupid Wishard parking building. Nearly getting killed by my inability to see an oncoming left-turn lane. Jewish signs from God. ColorCon.

Me: Lily...is he...
Lily (in awe): Yes.
Me: ...mowing the parking lot?

We cannot read maps. We walked all the way across the campus of IUPUI in the wrong direction because we found North St. instead of North Dr. Exercise is good for you. We eventually found the Union building. There was a scary woman yelling at the air. We think it was a cell phone earpiece. Walking around Castleton Square, arms around each other, marking all the double takes and speculative looks. People watching. Clothing even black women shouldn't be wearing. The music at the Mexican restaurant where we ate lunch was really bad, but it had a catchy beat that we were both bopping along to. Stole the drink coasters which read "Cover me in a Quick Chill!" or something smarmy like that.

I bought professional clothing today, including a new brown dress (Angel: You look too corporate in that...) and things to wear with my white coats. Was productive. And fun, and generally a good day. Yay for good days.

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