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Damn that man...

11:15 PM. Angel is falling asleep in front of .hack//sign, and thus incapable of telling me what's going on when I have to go pee. I suggest going to bed, since I've been sort of blah all day. He concurs.
I'm not sleepy. And getting into bed makes me less sleepy. To work out my antsiness, I give him a head to toe backrub. He is, shortly thereafter, sound asleep and making the tiny snoring noises that are the sign that he's out. I cuddle on him until almost midnight, when I'm going mad for nothing to do. Climb out the foot of the bed and go write a Lythium entry. It is now 12:45. I go back to bed.
Angel is sleeping corpse-style, hands folded over chest, elbows jutting out to sides. This is not a cuddle-able position. I resolve myself to sleeping near-but-not-touching him, when I realise that in order to be comfortable, I require a minimum of 1/3 of the bed. He is occupying his 1/2, plus elbows, and now I have to sleep on his elbow. Finally I nudge him until he rouses enough to give me a sleepy "Mrrr" of discontent, at which point I ask if I can share his arm. I get an arm, and cuddle up.
Not comfy. I roll over. He follows. This is better, for all of five minutes, despite the wiggly-penis-dance that ensues against my tail end. Why must the organ have a mind of its own? It tickles like mad. Then, suddenly, he jumps, and turns over to his back. Okay, whatever, I follow. If I can't sleep, at least I get some cuddle time, right?
Nyet. Five minutes after that, he yanks the blankets away from me, rolls over with his back to me, and proceeds to shove blankets in between us. This is Angel for "Go away, you're making my skin unnecessarily hot and sticky by being close to me."
So here I am, unable to sleep, rejected in my efforts to get comfortable by a husband who is much unfriendly in his sleeping habits, and it's 1:50 in the fucking morning, and I have to get up and drive to Indianapolis tomorrow.
However, this does remind me that I'm supposed to know where I'm going tomorrow. *prints MapQuest directions*

Angel's work is talking about corporate cell phones, which would be, to act like une adolescente for a moment, hyper-cool. Nothing like having your cell phone plan deducted from your paycheck pre-taxes, since it's a business expense for them to use them.

Have checked on adorable baby plants. Suppose I should repot huge-ass African violet and rapidly spawning poinsettia before they choke on their own roots. Some have adorable tiny roots, and should be potted. This would require work. I will have to see about doing so soon. If I weren't too scared of the dark to go downstairs in the middle of the night without turning all the fucking lights on, I'd do it now. I'd also go out and clean the paintbrushes we're still soaking in water and all.

Looked at digital cameras today. Did not buy one, but are teetering perilously close to deciding to do just that. Must discuss what we want, what we need, and what we can afford. Are in agreement that 5.0 MP is kowtowing to the geek gene just a bit too much, but that 2.0 MP is just wussy any more. Sony, Canon, or Olympus appear to be the brands to choose from. Am partial to Olympus, myself, as have had v. good luck with them in the past.

Going to try going to bed again as soon as fucking Discovercard lets me pay them money. Why is the Internet so slow? It's two-fucking-twenty in the morning.
And then, mysteriously, all my windows start shutting down. Do not fucking crash. I'm trying to do a final cleanup render on Spirited Away, after you fucking ate all my subtitles from NieA under 7. Augh. On a good note, I did figure out multiple audio streams in OGG format, so once subtitles behave properly I will be a Happy Camper in having dub and sub from my rips, at my leisure. Also on a good note, the Vividence people wanted me to look at websites again and tell them what I thought for a $10 Amazon.com gift certificate. I love Vividence.

Nobody's talking any more. Discovercard still hasn't loaded. Forget this - I'll pay them later. It's their own fucking problem. I'm going to bed. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep and not be booted out again like some unwanted pet. Argh.

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