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I made a funny!

[MOO] * Storm shrugs. My nickname is Sally and my real name is Jessica. Why? Because my OB patrol thought I looked like a Sally.
[MOO] Teryn> OB patrol? Sounds like a feminine hygiene problem.

Answered as best I can; most questions had poo for answer choices.
undercover Undercover: You are the Undercover Sex Freak. You try to hide your sex life from people and don't like answering questions. But deep down you love SEX and have all those naughty books and magazines under you bed. And letz not forget the porno and swing set hidden in the closet.
What Type Of Sex Freak Are You? brought to you by Quizilla
But I so want that outfit...

Today: Slept until noon. Got up. Panic ensued over imaginary meeting on Thursday, when I have to pick up Mom for the airport.
Bought new pretty checks with the right address.
Started water for rotini and cheese, as soon as it was clear that my sore throat was going to behave and go away. Somehow managed to turn the stove onto "Do not heat" or something, as 25 minues later rotini water had not boiled.
It became late enough that I had to leave to find the TB clinic before it closed. Now am sporting a brand new hole in my arm and a return appointment for Weds. 3:50-4 or Thurs. sometime.
Have MapQuest directions on how to find my way to LaGrange. Also have charming new itinerary for Monday's third-year orientation. Beginning to feel nauseatedly nervous about third year clerkships. Do not want to make a fool of myself. Am deathly afraid that I will do precisely that.

Printer is out of yellow ink; prints everything slightly off. Nonetheless, it is not complaining of such. This is beneficial.
And now I'm thinking another nap sounds good. Hence how I know I'm sick.

Tonight: Must go over the software for PocketPC's and see what is and is not sharable. Must do, yes.
Tomorrow: Call Dr. B. Pick up papers from IPFW on my health requirement stuff.
Wednesday: Take Lily to Indianapolis. Leave relatively early.

Angel came home today, looks at me and says "Not feeling up to fencing?" I figure I shouldn't go because I just started feeling better today. He concurred, then followed it with "I thought I might not go either - I haven't gotten to spend much time alone with you. And I was driving home and decided I'd rather spend the evening with my wife."
I'm still sniffling. It was just the unbelievably sweet thing I needed to hear after being just a little out of sorts all day..

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