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Edit and Proofread before you go.

Yesterday: I e-mail Rachel about going shopping for my "professional wardrobe" so I don't look like a total moron at Family Practise. Any time this week you're free?
Yesterday evening: She e-mails me back: Do you have to go to that meeting Thursday morning? I'm jam packed all week. The only possible time is Thursday afternoon. Perhaps after the meeting we could go shoppping.
Meeting? What meeting? I get confused, email her back, check my letter from FWMEP. Sure enough, there's a line in there: "We look forward to seeing you on the 5th at 9am at the Fort Wayne Medical Education Program's Conference Room..."
E-mail Carolyn, frantically. Turns out that it was an error, and I have nowhere to be until the 12th still. Whew.

Today: Find the TB clinic. Call my preceptor. Look up books for the clerkships. Hope the sore throat continues to go away.
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