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There's nothing quite like going into an exam to find that the preparatory materials you have been given are nothing like the exam itself.
After he told us to know the prototypes, he asked lots about the mechanisms of new drugs. Lots of (a) (b) (both) (none). Lots of (e) all of the above are correct statements - when the question asked which was incorrect. Those suck.

It all sucked. Worse than anticipated. At least he'll e-mail my grade in a few hours and I'll know whether I have to retake it on Tuesday.
Would suck less if I could remember any of the fardling questions. Would suck less if there had been anything I knew on the exam. But all the stuff I know seems to have gone by the wayside, apparently.
Bottom of the class in Pharm. Barely passing, when the class average is in the high 80's.

On the bright side, I got a little note in my mailbox today telling me that I High-passed medical genetics. Hallelujah.
Also on the bright side, Pathology is mostly guest-lecturing for the rest of the semester, which is always a bonus. I do better when Smith doesn't write the questions.

Second note in my mailbox confirmed that one more first-year has taken a Leave of Absence. That makes three. And we're still sixteen of us. Amazing.

Lunch, wait for my pharm scores, then study pathology. Exam-Monday, Possible-Retake-Tuesday...

Someone...anyone...tell me you love me. I feel so godsdamned worthless after these fucking exams.

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