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Yesterday, I was an angel...

Was driving up to Curves and came up the bridge on State. Traffic was backed up. And then I saw why - in the left lane of the bridge was a stopped car - so everyone had to get into the right lane, go around it, and get back in the left lane. And I passed it, and I thought Wow, that sucks.
And then I got halfway up over the bridge, and I thought Wow, that really sucks, and I remember being stuck in the middle of the road. So I pulled into the parking lot on the other side, and I got out of the car, and I walked back across the bridge and I said "Can I help?"
Black chick in the car (this is important because otherwise what she said would've been creepy) says to me "Thank you! All these men passing by don't even look...I should've thought a sista would stop and help!"
So it turns out she thinks she needs a jump. I can't do that on the bridge, no way. So I suggest pushing her car backwards down the hill and into the Northside parking lot. "Traffic's too bad" she says. Maybe.
I turn around and look back. Just then a van pulls into the left turn lane, puts on its blinker, traffic backs up behind it. Gives us fifty feet of clear space. We back the car up.
It's a slight uphill into the Northside lot; I didn't think I could push it alone. Not to mention that the right lane of traffic was breezing busily by. As I was struggling for an idea, a van pulls up behind us and two high-school girls hop out. "Can we help?"
One stopped the traffic in the right lane, the other one helped push. Went like a charm.
It turned out to be her starter, from the sound of it. She had to call a tow anyway. But she wasn't trapped in the middle of the road.

The most amazing string of seemingly-coincidental events, and yet from the top to the bottom, I had no doubt in my mind that everything would go my way. It was just...a feeling. Thank you, God.

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