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Leftover quote pie...

  • David: Is it moving?
    GM: It is now. Roll me init.

  • Jefe: I start singing inspiring battle hymns.
    General chorus of "Indiana Jones" theme.

  • Jefe: So if it's slowed, does that mean I get attacks of opportunity?
    GM: No, that just means it's poky.

  • Me: I'm not on crack any more, because crack fucks me up.

  • Me: I take the corpse's foreskin.
    David: I reincarnate it.
    Angel: You can't. It's Jewish now.
    Much later, on reading of quotes, David: I get it.

  • David: What is it with you and doors?

  • Me: I'm making myself so interesting to the DM that he'll keep me alive just to see what the fuck I'll do next.
    Angel: In the meantime, you're really scaring the other drow.

  • David: Since when do lizards have boobs?

  • Angel: 11.
    Me: 20.
    Jefe: I have to make a save, what?

  • David: I am my own scroll of change self.

  • Angel: I cast Mordenkainene's Card Catalog.

  • Angel: Someone enlighten the daft man.

  • GM (ah, the wonders of pre-genned random dungeons): That I wouldn't bother going down because - oh, my god, what the fuck? Okay, there's no door there.

  • Me: We walk along in the glorious anticipation of a door.

  • GM: You see an alcove.
    Angel: A senile cove? (Read it out loud, it makes sense.)

  • GM: And you take the door.
    Me: Right there, in the hallway, we take the door.
    Jefe: Full Metal Jacket.

  • Bri: No, no, wait. Let me guess. We see another door.

  • Jefe: And I will do some damage to it, which I will proceed to relate to you as soon as I find a bloody freakin' 8-sided die.

  • David: I didn't think it (the builder) can just gatling-gun you with its eyes.
    Angel (to me): Can you hand me that gatling - errh, cushion - by your knees?

  • Bri: (sneezes)
    David: Gawoomba!
    James: What?
    David: You heard me.
    Me: Gawoomba! It's Aboriginal for "is that mucus on your fingers?"

  • David (singing): Q is for quickie, that's good enough for me...

  • Angel: I is not real! I is not real!

  • Me: Have you ever rubbed a beholder on your hair -
    GM: - and stuck it to the wall?

  • Me: Holy shit, we're on our second round of combat?
    Angel: What, did you quadruple the hit points?
    GM: Basically.

  • David: I want a staff I can do damage with instead of turning it into a tree.
    Angel: Stick it up its ass, then turn it into a tree.
    James: Ow! Splinter!
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