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Splish-splash I was takin' a bath...

Resolved this morning to sleep until I was done sleeping. Which subsequently turned out to be around 10:30 AM. It being now 11:30 AM, I'm content to brush my hair, put clothes on, and do something today.
I need to put the wallpaper back up so Zia can paint. I need to go work out at Curves. I need to finalise going through my sheets for tonight's campaign. And wow, I'm hungry.

Ansibilians - anyone want to help me out and RP with Teryn a bit? I trust y'all not to be stupid about finding a launchie on deck C, coming out of the bathrooms. It'll be fun. Plus, I have (as of yet) no motivation to put him in an army; his character isn't shaped enough yet :)

First things first, though: I'm starving.
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