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Found on Ideanet...

There is a shower of autumn
    around me, death
           made lovely and given form.
      leaves tumble and tumble
and twist around,     
        there is a memory
                in the fall and falling                                     
    leaves like yesterday,
             and soon there will be snow,
and cold white death.
          NsK 20-10-2000 

I don't know if I had these two anywhere but IDEAnet; they're old enough for me to have to go looking if I want to remember.

Good morning morning,
  kiss of a new dawn.
      Good morning stars that shine dark                    
and the waking memories of yesteday                         
Good morning morning,
      silent and breathless, waiting
  waiting for the morning
    to call its own name out 

Good morning morning,
     have you seen the sun rising?
  Good morning stars that shine bright
        and the darkness of forgotten   
        NsK 17-08-2000
                "Good morning"
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