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Yay for ZoneEdit!

DNS for mistwalker.org is handled currently by ZoneEdit.com. I switched off of EveryDNS and Hammernode after Hammernode gave me too much downtime and EveryDNS had serious troubles following a particularly nasty dDOS - making me unable to get ZoneEdit to come up as a secondary DNS.
Plus, ZoneEdit let me buy backup MX service for something under $40 a year.
Those of you on Arcana and Gargoyle will have noted that our availability has been somewhat flaky. See previous posts regarding Comcast and its issues involving us specifically. While this is inconvenient for MOOs...I handle mail - real e-mail, involving meetings and credit card notices and stuff - for people other than myself and Angel. I needed a backup MX after the last time we unexpectedly took the server down with a runaway shell script. ZoneEdit provided.
And today, ZoneEdit delivered mail to me after we had been down half the day. This is a tiny bright spot in my otherwise markedly frustrating day.

Must move roleplaying books from their currently inaccessible alcove in the family room. There are nails in the mantelpiece. Little ones, the kind that will suddenly grab you by the breast and rip the everloving fuck out of one of your favourite green shirts, thus rendering it incapable of being worn. All this for the sin of wanting to put my binders away. That'll teach me to pick up after myself.

Other small random smiles:
[13:19] Erica: i found my old paper journal....i was reading trhough it.
[13:19] Erica: one of the entries: "I'm kinda freaking out about tonight. I get to meet the wonderful and attractive Nykki tonight..."
[13:21] Erica: (I don't think, in all the times I've heard Mike talk about you, that a bad adjective ever came up. I was sort-of poking fun at his way of describing you there....it wasn't meant to be mean.)
[13:21] Erica: (You had me nervous. You were the first of his high-school friends I'd met, save Summer. And I'd only met her once or maybe twice, really...)
[13:22] Whisper: *laughs*
[13:22] Whisper: And I'm much different from Summer.
[13:22] Erica: want to hear what i had to say the day afterwards?
[13:23] Erica: "I did meet Nykki. She was very nice, actually. Quite confident and teasing, flirtatious, too, though no worse than Chris and I. She was funny and laughed at my jokes--something that's always appreciated. All-in-all, a good weekend."
That made me smile. It's a good recommendation. It's also v. comforting to know that I come off as confident...considering how unconfident I seem sometimes.

Iwona, once not long before an exam last year, said to me: "Aren't you ever worried? You never seem to be worried about anything." Aren't I worried? That was the semester I worried myself into physical illness before every exam, literally spending the nights before exams throwing up from nerves sometimes. But I told myself I couldn't go to school with that kind of attitude...

And then good ol' numair...
>>> Sutef tells you "Plan on getting hit on again today ? ;)"
>>> You tell Sutef, "Most likely not."
>>> Sutef tells you "awwwwww"
>>> Sutef tells you "You have a picture? *never seen you, but I've seen like...Lisa and quin and Colin*"
>>> To Sutef: Teryn laughs. http://www.mistwalker.org/~vita/pix/matrix/me.JPG
>>> To Sutef: Teryn probly has a better one somewhere.
>>> Sutef tells you "harder to see your face in that one, but I can see why they hit on you (:"
>>> You tell Sutef, "http://www.mistwalker.org./~vita/pix/lj-host/cbus.jpg"
>>> Sutef tells you "Oo more"
>>> Sutef tells you "thankies (:"
>>> Sutef tells you "Ayup, if I were..older and you were single and I didn't have Lisa, I'd more than likely hit on ya."
>>> Sutef tells you "granted, those don't happen, but hey (:"
I am obscurely flattered.

In the immortal words of Monty Python, I suppose: Always look on the bright side of life. The brightest part of it being that Angel should be leaving for home quite soon. I lovemiss you.

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