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Yes, ma'am, you're still on the schedule. But he may be running an hour or two behind.
Because I have Nothing Better To Do With My Day than spend from 9 AM until God-only-knows-when Unable To Leave My House so I can wait for the cable tech.

14:30: Oh, and whoops. There goes the modem. Argh.

16:40: He called Angel's phone, listed as our home phone, and got voicemail. Assumed nobody was home. Cancelled the appointment.
I couldn't've gone anywhere anyway. I don't have my purse on me. I think it's in Angel's car. No money, no licence, no nothing.

Have spent the day printing out WotC maps and modules to wrap my campaign around. Have the first four or five sessions planned. Party is going to murder me, as they will be low-level suckness with no money forever. Am v. excited about the 3x5 page map hanging on the wall, where I will put the Bad Guy and such as soon as I get it laminated. Final several sessions will be large dungeon crawl.
Due to excessive printing of brown and yellow-themed WotC stuff, have emptied the yellow ink tank. Would go get another, but no driving or purchasing without proper equipment (i.e. licence and cash). Computer is thus making annoying beeping noises at me every 30-45 seconds as the "empty ink tank" message fills the screen and steals focus from my typing.

I would ride my bike to get an ink tank. I think I broke my toe on the couch again. It hurts to stand on it. And Angel will be home soon, even though I've been screaming and bitching at him over the phone all afternoon for being who he is. It's been a long and painful day. It will be over soon. Angel will be home, and it will all go away when he reaches out to hug me. That's all it'll take. That's all I ever need.

Now to decide on the race of the overwhelming plot mechanic. I'm leaning away from Dragon, for once, you will all be glad to know. And as some people discovered, I didn't ask for any half-dragons, Cat People, or other strange races. I seek the mundanity I so often abhor.
That means, Paladins, behave yourselves or I'll make nasty examples of you :)

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