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Morning has broken...

Nose aches; I think it is afflicted with a stealth-zit, as the left side is somewhat warmer and more tender than the rest of my face.
I am up, but not exactly happy to be so. Have been dredged from the realms of dreaming (It was about climbing a mountain - Mount Everest, I think, except that there were forests. And in the forests, there was a spider-goddess that some fool awakened because he needed holy spider spit. And we were attempting to put her back in her cave, except she kept picking up the trees and moving the forest around. It was fun.) because Comcast couldn't give me a more specific time interval for my appointment than "Between 9 and 1."

Jeans are damp; the dryer was a little overfull. Am pondering meeting the cable repair person in just black bikinis and a green T-shirt, but I think that might cause him to question his contract. Besides, it might be a cable girl, and girls - I've noted - are more likely to ask why I had no pants on. And then she would laugh at me for having a sad dryer. Pants are extraneous, really. At least I have my contacts in.

Think I'll go downstairs and get something to eat before I settle in to deciding how best to include everyone in tomorrow night's opening session. Do you prefer any particular method of impending doom, phloxin, daimones, lakos, ellisande, or jorath? I have many ways at my disposal.
Also: Character Sheets and Backstories, if I haven't seen them or approved yours.

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