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[00:04] Vessa: Then how should I end it? I'm running out of ideas. I get flashes of parts -in- the play, but I can't figure out how to work the killings. I know Mercutio is going to get kicked out for fighting..
[00:04] Whisper: Work with you on it later? I'm being ordered to bed.
[00:05] Vessa: Blah. But I'm feeling creative at the moment. Where's your ability to pussywhip? Tell him to wait a few minutes.
[00:06] Whisper: ...wow.
[00:09] Whisper: Okay, now I'm just...completely blank.
[00:10] Vessa: But.. but..
[00:10] Vessa: -Completely-? What about.. how I could work Tybalt/Female Romeo's tiff... Tybalt's death, female Romeo's banishment..
[00:10] Whisper: Get creative about the parts you have nailed down. Draw a character map and give your people names, etc. Sketch out the parallels in the plot.
[00:11] Vessa: Eh, that would take forever.
[00:11] Whisper: Yeah, but it'll give you structure to work from.
[00:11] Vessa: I think you just want to go to bed.
[00:11] Whisper: I'm getting glared at.
[00:12] Vessa: Man, maybe you northern girls just suck at the art of pussywhipping.
[00:12] Whisper: I'm more interested in maintaining harmony. I got to stay up an extra hour last night.
[00:12] Vessa: Harmony schmarmony. Show that boy who -really- wears the manpants!
[00:13] Vessa: Eh. I gotta go. My mom's getting mad.
[00:13] Whisper: Night.
[00:15] Vessa: Consider yourself lucky. I was about to bring out the Big Book O' Lessons On PussyWhippage.

...Okay, all....
Have I just been insulted, or have I just been insulted? Too bad I'm too busy worrying about antiseizure medications to really care...

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