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Please note (extended RP rant post):

The following information is in my character bio on Ansible. All of it can be read by anyone who wishes to type 'pinfo Teryn' and read it.

IC Information:
--Full name: Teryn Alexander Celestin
--Age: 6
--Place of Birth: Kissimee, FL
--Personality: Impulsive, impatient, inconsistent and inconsiderate in his personal relations, Teryn has a hard time making friends and an even harder time keeping them. As far as leadership goes, the boy has less than no ability at all. When confronted with a desk, he is capable of absorbing himself so completely in working on it that everything around him seems to disappear; a stark contrast to the rest of the time, when he can't even sit still for more than a few moments. It seems he's most comfortable conversing, relating, and existing behind the comfort of the screen.
--Teryn is male.
There is a difference between honesty and tactlessness; a fine line between spontaneity and outright impulsivity; a delicate balance between witty retort and caustic comment. Teryn is blissfully unaware of each. Impatient, impulsive, inconsistent and inconsiderate were the words that come to mind in the adults who watched him and monitored his behaviour. The other children didn't have the vocabulary or the inclination to come up with expansive descriptions. Teryn was a loser, a nerd, a geek and a brat, the last being the epithet so often applied to him by his elder sister that it doubled as a second name. And then he entered kindergarten, and she used it there. Brat. It stuck, and the children picked it up like a triumphant refrain. From the second day of kindergarten forward, he was called nothing else, any time the teachers weren't listening. It was bewildering at best, as he did not comprehend how everything he did seemed to turn against him, and infuriating at worst.
Never the kind to settle challenges using his fists, Teryn turned to his desk, the silent, understanding, patient, comprehensible desk. He found in coding and cracking the endless intricacies of complexity and novelty that he had lacked in interpersonal relationships. And he found something else: behind the console, he could be anyone, anything. He could take the time to compose each reply to something someone said, think over it, discard his initial impulsive responses and hone them to a razor's edge. And nobody knew him as 'brat'. If he made a mistake, he could throw away the identity and start all over again. And thus, a curious dichotomy sprang up: as Teryn-the-brat became ever more sullen and withdrawn under the taunts of the other children, as his teachers despaired that a child so bright could do so poorly, Teryn-the-hacker began to soar. He took his revenge on his tormenters in subtle ways, altering files rather than deleting them, diverting desk messages, and sabotaging their work at every opportunity.
And the IF noticed. The boy's skill in picking apart the tiniest details of code; his ability to spend hours upon hours focussed on the threads of a possible security hole despite the fact that he couldn't sit still for more than a few minutes at a time; his frightening gift for picking just the right time and place to make his attacks brought him to their attention. Dislikable? Absolutely. Impossibly frustrating? Positively. But he had the potential to be a strategic genius, and his creativity and talent were precisely what they needed. The shuttle came, and Teryn boarded, leaving the school and the long-hated title of 'brat' far behind. Hopefully forever.
--Teryn is a Launchie.

It's eloquent, it's well-written, if I do say so myself, and it says all you need to know about the kid,and then some. So when today, the following took place:

Launchie_X comes in not looking at anything at all as he walks in his daze. He finds a seat in the corner of the mess hall and he sits and doesn't eat anything he just sits in his own fashion. He sits and pulls out his desk and does some work on it. The whole time not speaking or looking at anyone.
Teryn is already buried in his own desk, doing something that has his entire attention - even to the exclusion of his meal, it seems.
Launchie_X puts his desk down a second and pulls out a small pen that has a small cartoon reaper on it. He writes something down on a piece of paper with the pen and puts it away in a hurry. He picks up his desk and hurrys to the door and goes off towards his barracks.
Launchie_X leaves.
>>> Launchie_X tells you "I have a small plot that I am working with morrigan to do I am about to start my rping that is hacking but I need people that im alowed to do it with. So I ask you if you will plz let me hack you of course its fack but I need your permissoin to rp it on you."
Is it any surprise that I then responded with:
>>> You tell Launchie_X, "Have you read Teryn's pinfo?"
>>> Launchie_X replies, "hold on I will right now"
Will right now? How about you read the character information before engaging in the World's Shortest RP with me and then asking if I'll let you hack me?
>>> Launchie_X replies, "you got a point not a good target I will pick a differnt person thanks for the warning oh and the reaper pen will make sense later bye."
>>> To Launchie_X: Teryn nods. "I didn't think we were allowed to have things like pens. You check that with staff?" :)
>>> Launchie_X replies, "I snuck it in if the staffs find it it will be taken so don't worry the man thing is the small reaper on it not the pen its self."
>>> You tell Launchie_X, "Okay, cool."
>>> Launchie_X replies, "oh and you don't name and we meet :)"
>>> Launchie_X replies, "I mean never meet"
>>> You tell Launchie_X, "Of course :)"
Now mind, I am not averse to someone hacking into Teryn's system. I even know how his double-redundant stealth security works, and what he logs. And I don't expect it to be foolproof. He is six, after all, no matter how smart of a six-year-old he might be, and he has a lot to learn. But for heaven's sake, would you read the pinfo so you have an idea of what you'd be getting into?

Edit: I forgot to mention the IC mail that he sent to some people I know...one of whom was kind enough to show it to me.

From: Launchie_X
To: (Names Withheld)
Subject: [IC] !Hello!


(As the message is opened the screen of the desk goes black and is lit up by what looks like a stage light in the
middle of the screen. A small little cartoon reaper comes onto the desk screen and steps into the light and bows
to the screen.The little reaper moves its mouth and the message comes out of a word bubble from this small

Hello there nice to meet you I am Reaper and I will be in the news soon. I just thought your army deserved a
personal hello from me. I happen to like your army the most and will also talk to you mabe the most but I say I
will not do anything to anyone in your army. If anything I may help you.

(The small reaper winks one of its empty eyes and sends a small star at the screen when he does this before he
starts to talk again.)

One more thing I must say I can not be reached by mailing this small boy on the address I just sent my mail from
his address as it would be easyer to do this then have my own address I could be tracked to easy that way. I just
wanted to say hello to you and hope you and I can have a nice little word mabe later.

(The small reaper starts to walk off the screen but stops and runs back in a quick movement. He waves and then
walks off screen as he does his face crackes a grin. The screen of the desk flashs and returns to normal.)

Right. At least Teryn creates a fake identity to send his messages from. Oh, and...Spellcheck.

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