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I'm a little tea-pot...

Slept in today.
Dreamed strange dreams.
Like the one in which I screamed at James for tickling me, then proceeded to curl up on the parking lot to sleep while waiting for something - only to be awakened by him ejaculating all over me while he jerked off, apparently just to be a bitch. In that typical dream way, I was covered head to toe in the stuff, which is a bit unrealistic, not to mention that then his outrage when I told him I'd never go anywhere with him again was sort of un-Jameslike. "It was just a little jizz. What's wrong with you, can't you handle a little jizz?"
Everyone else was laughing at me too.

And the one where beautiful_sound and I were going to a John Mayer concert, even though I've never actually listened to his music. And she had a giant black sign with "I love you Johnny!" on it in huge neon green letters, and the paint was dripping so that as we carried it, we were slowly getting covered in green and black paint.

Or the one where BigScott was taking the Boards and I got to watch as they enclosed him in ice so he couldn't finish on time.

No dreams about you this time, Lily, although you and Jefe were in the one about James...dressed in bondage gear and laughing at me with the rest. I went home and changed clothes before the movie (I think that's where we were going) started, but I didn't shower, so I had this giant translucent white cap over my head that kept dripping. And everyone around me reached out to catch the drips and eat them, like some kind of ice cream cone. That was the dream that convinced me I should get out of bed and stop dreaming.

Now I'm going to go to Curves - there's one in Leo, it seems, as well as Pine Valley and East State. I'm going for the East State one. I just need to get my lazy ass working out.
Anyone have any suggestions for what I should do for dinner?

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