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A foggy day...

Beginning to feel inspired regarding Doubly Dead. Now if tomorrow goes well, perhaps I'll write it. Part of my problem is, though, that I don't know where the story will go. I've never successfully planned a story in my life. The closest I've ever come to it is in the stories I dreamed. I just know that it wants to be written.

Went to Raja tonight for dinner (thank you, M, for introducing us) and had yummy Indian food. I need to learn to make Naan. Then went to Video Stop to rent a movie. No luck. So we went to Blockbuster and picked up the original Ocean's 11.
This movie, I assure you, suffers from an excess of character development. Mind, it's a classic, in true 60's style - which means that the first half of it was character development. And the second half was plot. And the other second half was plot twists. The denouement was longer than the buildup, and trying to make 12 different main characters memorable through long conversational scenes is...well, a bit overwhelming. However, it was good in its way. I like the new one better, except that hearing Sammy Davis, Jr. sing "E-O Eleven" was yummy. Wish I knew what it meant..

Am now feeling relaxed, if itchy for some odd reason. And I think it's time for bed soon.

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