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Credo in unum deum. - Nobody wears a white coat any more... — LiveJournal
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
Credo in unum deum.
Thanks to all for all the good thoughts this morning.
Arrived 0810, after wandering around the student centre, forgetting that it wasn't Kettler. Welcome staff were friendly and smiling. It was as good a welcome as I could have expected.
Had trouble with the dry-erase markers; I went through at least 6.
1200: Broke for lunch after 4 sections.
1530: Finished exam and exited.

It was rough, no denying that. There were 2 moderately easy blocks, 2 extremely tough blocks, and 3 blocks in the middle. It jumped around, so the second-to-last block was the second-easiest; the last was hard.
Quotient of Things I'd Never Seen: low.
Quotient of "oh, shit, I don't remember that": moderate.
Best estimate: I would say probably better than half of the questions, I knew the answer to with an 80-95% certainty. Of the remainder, I can anticipate getting half of them right if I was guessing at all accurately. That would pass me. That would be really nice.

I'll tell you all as soon as I know. But it's over with; I'm done. IUSM has a 95% pass rate. Our centre has almos 100%. I should be fine. No more worries, no more studying.

Although Barth did mention that my doc I'll be working with did a fellowship in diabetes, so I should probably brush up on it. Hmm.

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