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Tell me this isn't how the day is going to be...

Yesterday: headache from too much computerness, but typing these notes out is helping me unbelievable amounts.
So I worked through it. And finally managed to kill the bugger at 4 AM with two benadryl and a matched pair of Aleve. Which meant that I was so completely wiped when the alarm failed to go off properly at 6:30 and again at 7:30...that I woke up at 2 till 8, and went:
"oh, shit!"

20-25 minute drive to IPFW. Class at 8:30. You do the math.

Fortunately, the prof was late too. Not-so-fortunately, I'm still wiped from the Benadryl, and kept falling asleep, waking up only in time to highlight the next section as he got to it.
Notecards for 2.5 sections done during Pharm and Medicine. Gods, today was worthless. Over-the-counter antacids the whole damn class. Read the labels, learn more than we did.

Going home now. To an empty apartment - because Jefe has taken Lily away for some much-needed space. Just...be careful, darling. You know what I mean.
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