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I'll type more once I finish my Kaplan stuff, but I did promise pictures. Now I put the camera on large size and then switched to low quality, so they're grainy and I'm sorry. I need my own damn digital camera. But here they are:

Me, of course :)

The gayboys :)

Me, to James: Black eyeshadow or regular?
James: Ask Eric. He's the queen.
Eric: Black. And I am not a queen. I'm just a better gayboy than you.
James (sniffling): I'm a bad faggot...

I love you guys.


Lily, our very own Woman in Red.

And the two of them together, in a picture that narrowly missed being "the floating head of Lily haunts Jefe's shoulder"

For some reason, I missed getting a picture of Angel. Probably because he was cooking dinner. Plus, getting far enough away from him to take a picture means I'm too far away :) I'll get one next time. I'll get lots next time. I'll even get them on a decent res.

And now to Kaplan.
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