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Rejection. How sad.

I went to the Red Cross with Angel. They said "Are you donating too?" Sure. Why not? And then they asked my blood type, and I looked down at the little sheet they gave me, and I said: B-negative. And they got very excited. And asked if I wanted to donate double red cells.
They need my blood. Too bad I couldn't pass the pulse test.
I don't know why I can't get my pulse under 100. I think it's the caffeine and the sugar and the stress and the extra 80 pounds or so I'm carrying around. I can cut out the caffeine and the sugar. I can try to lower the stress, and, well, there's Curves on those 80 pounds. But will cutting out the caffeine and sugar lower it enough so I can give tomorrow? If they're asking me to give double reds, they need my blood type. And I want to donate. Dammit.

Have found a charming little purple lingerie jacket to go with my black clothing and the boots. Am attempting to decide whether I should leave it as is, put a couple of chain-and-ring hookups on the front, or if I should scrap it and go with the denim jacket. Anyone?
Also acquired a full-length trench coat in professional-looking cloth for half-off. Exceedingly good day.

Tomorrow: Biochemistry. Yucch.
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