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Nothing like a good case of mistaken identity... - Nobody wears a white coat any more... — LiveJournal
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
Nothing like a good case of mistaken identity...
Moo A is Ansible, where my character was formerly Shandahr. She was a commander. She graduated. I relaunched as Teryn. Dakota is a long-time acquaintance of mine, whom I thought I had told about my new character name. Launchie_A is someone I'm trying to give a hand to, and it's not working well.
Moo B is Arcana, where I am Vita and she is Piccolo. Comments are colour-coded.
This log involves two things: the base stupidity to which Piccolo refers later, and what happens when you forget to tell people who you are. I've colour-coded by moo and interposed them in actual chronological order. It's not too bad.

* Launchie_A has connected.
[Launchie] Launchie_A> How come I have'nt been promoted into an army, I took the test and passed like a week ago...
[Launchie] Launchie_A> Is anyone on the launchie channel?
[Launchie] * Teryn is.
[Launchie] Launchie_A> Oh hey Teryn
[Launchie] Teryn> Did you look at '@req me' to see if you have everything?
(OOC) Teryn> Hi.
(Launch B Barracks) (OOC) Launchie_A> Whoa I did'nt know about that stuff...
(OOC) * Teryn grins.
[Launchie] Launchie_A> Can someone check off description and pinfo on my @rq list?
His description:
This child is nondescript.
He is wearing a light blue uniform with a patch indicating his launch group.
In other words, he hasn't done it.
(OOC) Teryn> You don't -have- a description...
(OOC) Launchie_A> all my description (IC) is set
(OOC) Teryn> When I look at you, all I see is 'this child is nondescript'...
>>> You tell Dakota, "You around?"
(OOC) Launchie_A> I set it all
(OOC) Teryn> You can't do description with set, tho. Type 'look me' and you'll see.
Launchie_A says, "look me'"
Launchie_A says, "look me' "
(OOC) Launchie_A> Doesnt work
(OOC) Launchie_A> Oh there
(OOC) Launchie_A> There I did it...
(OOC) Launchie_A> I need to make a waaaay better description
(OOC) Launchie_A> Oh well

His description now reads:
A little crazy at times and when I get started on something I'll start with a vengeance and never follow through.
Which is the least descriptive description I've seen in a while.
(OOC) Teryn> They mean physical description there in @desc...what the character looks like.
At this point I looked up his pinfo information. It claims he's 12 and lives in Canada. So the next conversation that takes place is...well, odd.
(OOC) Launchie_A> How come your idle?
(OOC) Teryn> I'm supposed be studying.
(OOC) Launchie_A> Oh, sorry..
(OOC) * Teryn grins. Is okay.
(OOC) Launchie_A> What are you studying?
(OOC) Launchie_A> I missed all my classes...
(OOC) Teryn> Today? Cardiac physiology. I have to take my first licensing exam on May 21st.
(OOC) Launchie_A> In real life or in the game?
(OOC) Teryn> IRL. I'm studying to be a doctor.
(OOC) Launchie_A> Thank god, you scared me there, thought I'd have to do that in the game...
(OOC) Teryn> Oh, havens no :)
(OOC) Launchie_A> A little bit of advice, if bieng a doctor ever fails you and you cant find a job, try out Real Estate Investing
(OOC) Teryn> Oh?
(OOC) Launchie_A> My mom gave me 1000 dollars to buy a house, fix it up and sell it for more, I've already made over 80k and its in a bond
(OOC) Launchie_A> in one year
(OOC) * Teryn has never been much interested in making money. But I'll keep that in mind.
(OOC) Launchie_A> I'm not interested either really but you need it to live
(OOC) Launchie_A> thats why its all in bonds, because I dont want it in a bank where it can be taken by the government
(OOC) Launchie_A> and I dont care much about it so I'll save it for my retirement
His description now reads:
Short for his age with blue eyes and jet black hair. Big feet with long toes and long fingers on his hands.
At least it's a description. You will note, still no answer from Dakota. And I just sort of refused to talk to him after that...
Meanwhile, on Arcana:

[Public] Ashyn wants /boys/. Mmhm.
[Public] Vita passes Ashyn the moron boy on Ansible she's talking to.
[Public] Miralys> Oh dear, which one?
[Public] Vita> Name of Launchie_A?
[Public] Miralys> Must be a new one.
[Public] Vita> Pinfo says he's 12 IRL. He's telling me about how he earned $80K in one year from the $1000 his mom gave him to buy a house and fix it up. And it's all in bonds.
[Public] Miralys> ....
[Public] Jorath> rofl
[Public] Vita> Just a tip for me, in case being a Dr doesn't work out and I can't find a job.
[Public] Miralys chuckles.
[Public] Jorath> Whats the kid do sell heroin?
[Public] Vita> no, he buys houses and fizes them up. In Canada, if his pinfo is correct.
[Public] Piccolo> Hmm, well I guess he deserves a bit of credit for being 12 and knowing what a bond is....kinda?
[Public] Vita> Piccy, nudge on over there and tell him his pinfo and desc need work? :)
[Public] Piccolo grins, "I've no authority on that moo anymore...and besides, if I unidle Teryn will see and I'll blow my "I'm idle and hence didn't see your paging me' cover."
[Public] Miralys chuckles.
[Public] Vita> What's wrong with Teryn?

>>> To Dakota: Teryn sobs! You dun love me!
[Public] Piccolo blinks, "Oh wait....GAH!"
[Public] Vita> I swear I tooooold you!
[Public] Piccolo cries, misread your post on launch and thought you were some retarded newbie kid.
[Public] Piccolo giggles, "Nooooo, didn't tell me!"
[Public] Piccolo huggles Teryn, loooove.

>>> To Dakota: Teryn shows off desc and pinfo. "Some retarded newbie kid indeed."
>>> Dakota whimpers, sorries.
>>> Dakota giggles, "Yea, I typed pinfo and was just like, "Ah crap."

Done with the Princeton Review cardio section. Next up: renal.

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piccolopixie From: piccolopixie Date: May 12th, 2003 06:59 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)


*thwaps you around and retracts all her apology cookies!* You're never going to let me live this down are you?! :) *giggles, is sucha retard sometimes* I still can't believe I did that. Meh.
eustacio From: eustacio Date: May 13th, 2003 07:13 am (UTC) (etched in stone)


Ahh, good times, good times. These are the reasons people MU*, I swear.

Tempted to create a character on Ansible at some point here. Much curiosity as to how things are set up there. Besides, Ender's Game is one of the few books I've read repeatedly over the years.
ayradyss From: ayradyss Date: May 13th, 2003 08:29 am (UTC) (etched in stone)

Re: Heh

Ansible's okay. RP quality varies widely, and the admins are sort of anal-retentive and overly uptight.
feathered From: feathered Date: May 13th, 2003 12:02 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)

Re: Heh

Ansible is eeeeevil. Evil! I was not impressed by the RP quality there, and the staff was mean! I miss Aether.

Okay. Randomness over. *sniffs and wanders off to pout*
ayradyss From: ayradyss Date: May 13th, 2003 12:08 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)

Re: Heh

I reiterate: RP quality varies widely. After all, I RP there. That has to count for something.
feathered From: feathered Date: May 13th, 2003 01:15 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)

Re: Heh

Yes, but you were the ONLY good person I ever got to RP with when I was there. And Kathleen doesn't really count... I can't remember if we RPed together or not while we were there...
eustacio From: eustacio Date: May 13th, 2003 01:20 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)

Re: Heh

That's the problem with MU*s themed after a well known book or movie. Quality varies a lot. Hard to find one with consistent, good RP.

Of course, that's better than one MU* I sent a character app to once. They proceeded to wait 3 weeks before replying and had lost the application. I resent it and, a week later, they'd lost it again. I didn't bother reapplying the next time. Silly people.
ayradyss From: ayradyss Date: May 13th, 2003 02:15 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)

Re: Heh

How come you never come over to Arcana, huh? We need more boys!
eustacio From: eustacio Date: May 13th, 2003 03:55 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)

Re: Heh

I've logged in there a few times before. I'm just never able to figure out a good concept for it though, and I'm really not sure why. Drives me nuts. I tend to grab some odd, obscure piece of the MU* world's history and play with that when I make a background. Just haven't found any to really play with there, I guess. Or I'm good at logging in when I'm feeling absolutely uncreative.

Of course, that and the fact that I also tend to log in when I'm lagging anywhere rather regularly hinders the process, too. *kicks dial-up connection*
9 whispers echo . o O ( ... ) O o . whisper a word