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Nothing like a good case of mistaken identity...

Moo A is Ansible, where my character was formerly Shandahr. She was a commander. She graduated. I relaunched as Teryn. Dakota is a long-time acquaintance of mine, whom I thought I had told about my new character name. Launchie_A is someone I'm trying to give a hand to, and it's not working well.
Moo B is Arcana, where I am Vita and she is Piccolo. Comments are colour-coded.
This log involves two things: the base stupidity to which Piccolo refers later, and what happens when you forget to tell people who you are. I've colour-coded by moo and interposed them in actual chronological order. It's not too bad.

* Launchie_A has connected.
[Launchie] Launchie_A> How come I have'nt been promoted into an army, I took the test and passed like a week ago...
[Launchie] Launchie_A> Is anyone on the launchie channel?
[Launchie] * Teryn is.
[Launchie] Launchie_A> Oh hey Teryn
[Launchie] Teryn> Did you look at '@req me' to see if you have everything?
(OOC) Teryn> Hi.
(Launch B Barracks) (OOC) Launchie_A> Whoa I did'nt know about that stuff...
(OOC) * Teryn grins.
[Launchie] Launchie_A> Can someone check off description and pinfo on my @rq list?
His description:
This child is nondescript.
He is wearing a light blue uniform with a patch indicating his launch group.
In other words, he hasn't done it.
(OOC) Teryn> You don't -have- a description...
(OOC) Launchie_A> all my description (IC) is set
(OOC) Teryn> When I look at you, all I see is 'this child is nondescript'...
>>> You tell Dakota, "You around?"
(OOC) Launchie_A> I set it all
(OOC) Teryn> You can't do description with set, tho. Type 'look me' and you'll see.
Launchie_A says, "look me'"
Launchie_A says, "look me' "
(OOC) Launchie_A> Doesnt work
(OOC) Launchie_A> Oh there
(OOC) Launchie_A> There I did it...
(OOC) Launchie_A> I need to make a waaaay better description
(OOC) Launchie_A> Oh well

His description now reads:
A little crazy at times and when I get started on something I'll start with a vengeance and never follow through.
Which is the least descriptive description I've seen in a while.
(OOC) Teryn> They mean physical description there in @desc...what the character looks like.
At this point I looked up his pinfo information. It claims he's 12 and lives in Canada. So the next conversation that takes place is...well, odd.
(OOC) Launchie_A> How come your idle?
(OOC) Teryn> I'm supposed be studying.
(OOC) Launchie_A> Oh, sorry..
(OOC) * Teryn grins. Is okay.
(OOC) Launchie_A> What are you studying?
(OOC) Launchie_A> I missed all my classes...
(OOC) Teryn> Today? Cardiac physiology. I have to take my first licensing exam on May 21st.
(OOC) Launchie_A> In real life or in the game?
(OOC) Teryn> IRL. I'm studying to be a doctor.
(OOC) Launchie_A> Thank god, you scared me there, thought I'd have to do that in the game...
(OOC) Teryn> Oh, havens no :)
(OOC) Launchie_A> A little bit of advice, if bieng a doctor ever fails you and you cant find a job, try out Real Estate Investing
(OOC) Teryn> Oh?
(OOC) Launchie_A> My mom gave me 1000 dollars to buy a house, fix it up and sell it for more, I've already made over 80k and its in a bond
(OOC) Launchie_A> in one year
(OOC) * Teryn has never been much interested in making money. But I'll keep that in mind.
(OOC) Launchie_A> I'm not interested either really but you need it to live
(OOC) Launchie_A> thats why its all in bonds, because I dont want it in a bank where it can be taken by the government
(OOC) Launchie_A> and I dont care much about it so I'll save it for my retirement
His description now reads:
Short for his age with blue eyes and jet black hair. Big feet with long toes and long fingers on his hands.
At least it's a description. You will note, still no answer from Dakota. And I just sort of refused to talk to him after that...
Meanwhile, on Arcana:

[Public] Ashyn wants /boys/. Mmhm.
[Public] Vita passes Ashyn the moron boy on Ansible she's talking to.
[Public] Miralys> Oh dear, which one?
[Public] Vita> Name of Launchie_A?
[Public] Miralys> Must be a new one.
[Public] Vita> Pinfo says he's 12 IRL. He's telling me about how he earned $80K in one year from the $1000 his mom gave him to buy a house and fix it up. And it's all in bonds.
[Public] Miralys> ....
[Public] Jorath> rofl
[Public] Vita> Just a tip for me, in case being a Dr doesn't work out and I can't find a job.
[Public] Miralys chuckles.
[Public] Jorath> Whats the kid do sell heroin?
[Public] Vita> no, he buys houses and fizes them up. In Canada, if his pinfo is correct.
[Public] Piccolo> Hmm, well I guess he deserves a bit of credit for being 12 and knowing what a bond is....kinda?
[Public] Vita> Piccy, nudge on over there and tell him his pinfo and desc need work? :)
[Public] Piccolo grins, "I've no authority on that moo anymore...and besides, if I unidle Teryn will see and I'll blow my "I'm idle and hence didn't see your paging me' cover."
[Public] Miralys chuckles.
[Public] Vita> What's wrong with Teryn?

>>> To Dakota: Teryn sobs! You dun love me!
[Public] Piccolo blinks, "Oh wait....GAH!"
[Public] Vita> I swear I tooooold you!
[Public] Piccolo cries, misread your post on launch and thought you were some retarded newbie kid.
[Public] Piccolo giggles, "Nooooo, didn't tell me!"
[Public] Piccolo huggles Teryn, loooove.

>>> To Dakota: Teryn shows off desc and pinfo. "Some retarded newbie kid indeed."
>>> Dakota whimpers, sorries.
>>> Dakota giggles, "Yea, I typed pinfo and was just like, "Ah crap."

Done with the Princeton Review cardio section. Next up: renal.
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