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Don't run, Lex. This isn't a studyish LJ entry.
Well, not much. I'll keep the big words to a minumum :)

So pharm lecture he's almost an entire class period behind - so he started the lecture on movement disorders in the last five minutes of class. Now you have to understand that this man thinks he's the resident computer whiz in the school of Medicine, so he likes to use cutesy-ass graphics on his pages.
And so for movement d/o (that's medical abbreviation for disorder) he's got this BRIGHT YELLOW title up on the screen, and it's going in and out of focus, and shifting slightly, and these little black dots crawling all over it...and I almost went nuts. Couldn't look at the bedamned thing without feeling like I was (a) going to have a seizure or (b) vomit.
And he left it up there for five freakin' minutes while he talked about all the little pictures of famous people with movement d/o that were up there around this crawling, moving, shifting, nauseating title.

I almost died.

Question breakdown for tomorrow's pathology exam:
Pediatric pathology: 9 questions
Enzymes and clinical disease markers: 6 questions
Body fluids (which, against everyone's hopes, was only cerebrospinal fluid, pleural (lung) fluid, and synovial (joint) fluid): 6 questions
Neoplasia - also known as cancer to the uninitiated: 16 questions
Total: 37 questions. I bloody well hate short exams.

Three true/false questions: Note that medical students abhor true/false questions, because we're so used to being fucked with and jerked around by exams that it takes us five minutes per question to scrutinise every single word and find the one minute detail that's false in it. And then another five minutes to wonder if that's really false or if we're being overly anal-retentive.
This is the kind of paranoia that is instilled in us. This is the kind of paranoia that drives Meeta to go up to the professor and ask if "all" means "all kinds of mutations ever possible in the gene" or "all common mutations that we know of". Don't fucking sass us back, woman. We've been run roughshod over by semantics before now, and will be again. We have to be sure, because every single point is vital.

Five K-type questions. Those are the (A): 1,2, and 3 are correct (B) 1 and 2 are correct, etc, etc. type of questions. And they suck. Hate 'em, because there's always one answer I'm not sure about, and so I agonise forever over it.

Okay. Lab in 10. *deepbreaths* Exam Tuesday-Exam Friday-Exam Monday...and then a break. I can do this.

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