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Reading comments on Livejournal communities leads me on these little random jaunts where I read other people's journals. Tonight, linked from screamingviolet's journal:
The random website poetry generator!

The Raven, regenerated...
Edgar Allan Poe:
The bust above my
soul in
1845] Once upon
the angels named Lenore For the grave
and forget this
soul in front of each separate dying ember wrought
ghost upon the
beating of some unhappy master whom
the whispered word, `he did outpour. Nothing more.
Ah, nevermore! And
stern decorum of yore Meant in
upon the nightly shore Tell me see
then, what this soul
lent thee back into the raven, Edgar Allan
Poe: The
stillness broken by these angels
named Lenore?
Quaff, oh quaff this desert land enchanted
On the
only this, lost Lenore! Quaff, oh quaff oh
quaff this I muttered, `tapping somewhat
louder than muttered `tapping somewhat louder than before. `
On the lost
Merely this and
the lost Lenore Merely this grim, ungainly, fowl
whose velvet violet lining with seeing
bird or devil! Whether tempter
sent, thee here for
we cannot help agreeing that shadow that
is on the velvet
violet lining that darkness peering, long I surely said I, `
nodded, nearly napping, suddenly
there is there and
nothing further
then the angels named Lenore? Quoth the seeming of
bird above
my sad fancy unto fancy,
unto fancy,
thinking what thy God hath lent thee
by reply so plainly,
Thouhg its ghost upon the floor.
Shall clasp a
feather then methought, the him streaming throws his shadow
that is
there stepped a flirt and this desert land
enchanted On the pallid bust spoke only, That is I
a midnight dreary, while I marvelled
this and so faintly you came
tapping, at the air grew stronger;
hesitating then methought, the
bust above my
sad soul hath lent thee by
angels he did

I think, just maybe, there's really poetry in that. I'll have to look for it.

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