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It rained last night. All night. What a beautiful sound to fall asleep to: soft thunder and lightning and the sound of falling rain.
Medicine exam was quite a nasty trick on us. Lots of eeny-meenie-miney-moe and all that, by the people around me. 173 questions, 45 pages, mostly case scenarios. OB-GYN was all random facts we hadn't been taught, since we weren't down there. Ick, what a mess. But I'm sure it came out all right. Apparently our raw scores go down to Indy and get adjusted, usually the average being mid-70's and still some of the highest in the state.

I won't know until tomorrow morning, when I call Lowene and find out.
But on the good side, there was an error in the answer key for the path exam. Scores have been adjusted: now I have an 83.3%. Yay!
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